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Welcome to the ultimate treasure trove of Bingo calls, where we proudly present the most comprehensive list of Bingo numbers and their amusing nicknames on the web! Prepare to be delighted as we guide you through a fantastic journey, filled with funny, alternative, and sometimes even slightly rude bingo calls. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of Bingo, you’ll find this incredible resource a must-have.

As you leisurely browse through our extensive list, you’ll discover the fascinating explanations behind each bingo call, shedding light on the creative and often hilarious origins of these delightful phrases. From traditional sayings to contemporary slang, our list covers it all, ensuring that you have the perfect call for every bingo ball that rolls your way.

Not only will our bingo names for numbers settle any debates among friends, but they will also add an element of humor and camaraderie to your Bingo games. You’ll learn how to call bingo numbers in a funny and engaging manner, as well as familiarize yourself with alternative bingo calls that will keep everyone on their toes.

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Moreover, our list includes lucky numbers, sayings, and terms that have been cherished by Bingo enthusiasts for generations. Whether you’re looking for classic phrases or modern slang, you’ll find it all right here, making your Bingo experience all the more enjoyable and memorable.

With this exceptional collection of Bingo calls at your fingertips, you’ll never again wonder if the correct Bingo slang is being used. And since most bingo balls have more than one name, feel free to click on each number to delve deeper into the wonderful world of Bingo calls.

So, gather your friends, grab your dabbers, and get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of Bingo! With our ultimate list of Bingo names for numbers and their captivating stories, you’ll be sure to transform every game into a delightful adventure, filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable moments.

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In the Bingo numbers call names list, you will come across a variety of amusing and somewhat rude Bingo calls. However, for obvious reasons, we have intentionally left out the extremely rude calls that might not be as humorous. Rest assured, our comprehensive list includes all the funny Bingo calls, ensuring that you’ll have a delightful and entertaining experience while playing this beloved game.

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Bingo calls – Number 1

Kelly’s Eye, Buttered scone, as to at the beginning, Little Jimmy, Nelson’s column, B1 Baby of bingo, First on the board, Number Ace. The bingo ball number 1 was given the nickname Kelly’s in reference to the Australian cartoon gangster Ned Kelly. Mythologized as a Robin Hood-style figure, Ned Kelly quickly became a folk hero to Australians due to his defiance of the colonial authorities. He only had one eye! As for Butter Scone well that rhymes with number 1. At the beginning explains itself as does first on board and number ace. It sometimes gets called Nelson’s column because it stands tall, thin and upright just like Nelson’s Column in London.

Bingo calls – Number 2

One Little Duck, Baby’s Done It, Doctor Who, Me and You, Little Boy Blue, Home Alone, Peek A Boo.
The bingo ball number 2 is most well known as One Little Duck only because it looks a bit like a duck or a swan. Doctor Who rhymes with number 2 as does Little Boy Blue and Peek a Boo. Baby’s Done it refers to the alternative humorous meaning of phrase number 2!

Bingo calls – Number 3

One Little Flea, Dearie Me, Debbie McGee, I’m Free, Goodness Me, You and Me, Cup of Tea, Monkey on The Tree.
The number 3 bingo ball is usually called One Little Flea by bingo callers, and this is because it looks like a little flee. It also gets called I’m free, Debbie McGee, You and Me, Goodness me, Cup of tea and Monkey on The Tree because of the way they rhyme with number 3.

Bingo calls – Number 4

Bobby Moore, Shut the Door, B4 Crowd Says, “and after”, Knock At The Door, On The Floor, The One Next Door.
The number 4 bingo ball has quite a few nicknames. One of the most popular is Bobby Moore, who was the England football captain when they won the world cup in 1966. The one next door is another popular call for the number 4 ball because it rhymes. Other rhyming calls for the number 4 include On the Floor, Knock at The Door and Shut the Door.

Bingo calls – Number 5

Man Alive, One Little Snake, Jack’s Alive.
The number 5 bingo ball is without a doubt most known for the call Man Alive – this is because of the rhyming nature of both phrases. One Little Snake refers to the in and out the shape of the number five. Jack’s Alive is also used because it rhymes.

Bingo calls – Number 6

Chopsticks, Tom’s Tricks, Tom Mix, In a fix.
The number 6 bingo ball usually goes by one of three nicknames; Tom Mix, Tom’s Tricks and In A Fix all because they rhyme. Recently though callers have started to use Chopsticks for the number 6 bingo ball again because it rhymes.

Bingo calls – Number 7

Lucky Seven, God’s in Heaven, David Beckham, One Little Crutch, One Hockey Stick, A Slice of Heaven.
The number 7 bingo ball is usually called as lucky seven which stems from the superstitious belief that seven is a lucky number. It is thought that God’s in Heaven is a reference to ‘Seventh Heaven’ as is a Slice Of heaven. One Hockey Stick and One Little Crutch are sometimes used because of what the number 7 looks like. David Beckham is a more recent call for the number 7 and is used because it rhymes.

Bingo calls – Number 8

One Fat Lady, Garden Gate, At the Gate, Golden Gate, Harry Tate, She’s Always Late, Sexy Kate, Is She in Yet.
The number 8 bingo ball is widely known as One Fat Lady because of the way it looks. Other terms are used for their rhyming potentials like Garden Gate, Harry Tate and Sexy Kate. She’s Always Late would have been thought a humorous term in traditional UK bingo halls.

Bingo calls – Number 9

Doctors Orders.
The number 9 bingo ball is only known by one nickname Doctor’s Orders. A pill called the number 9 was prescribed for numerous ailments by British doctors during and after the second world war.

Bingo calls – Number 10

Downing Street, Cock and Hen, A Big Fat Hen, Cameron’s Den, Uncle Ben.
The number 10 bingo ball has over the years used the name of various Prime Ministers as well as its other calls. Downing Street is obviously because the Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing Street. Cock and Hen, Cameron’s Den, A Big Fat Hen and Uncle Ben have all been used because of the rhyme.

Bingo calls – Number 11

Legs Eleven, Legs, Kelly’s Legs, Chicken Legs, Skinny Legs, They’re Lovely.
The number 11 bingo ball is known mostly as legs eleven. This is pretty much just because it looks like 2 legs. All the other nicknames are based around its primary name. Kelly’s legs number eleven is sometimes used because the number 1 ball is called Kelly’s Eye.

Bingo calls – Number 12

One Dozen, One and Two A Dozen, One Doz’ If One Can, Monkey’s Cousin.
The number 12 bingo ball is always referred to one dozen. Well, it’s pretty easy to work out why – there are 12 eggs in a dozen. Monkey’s cousin is also sometimes used, and although it doesn’t rhyme with 12 it does rhyme with dozen. One doz’ if one can also be formed from the more prominent nickname one dozen.

Bingo calls – Number 13

Unlucky for Some, Bakers Dozen, Devil’s Number.
The number 12 bingo ball has 2 names which it gets called frequently. The first is unlucky for some, and this is because of Friday the 13th – a supposedly unlucky day. The second main name is baker’s dozen. This is because there are 13 in a baker’s dozen as opposed to a regular dozen which is 12. 13 is also considered the Devil’s number.

Bingo calls – Number 14

Valentine’s Day, Tender, Pork Chops.
The number 14 bingo ball is often called Valentines Day. This is because Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th. Poker Chops is a nickname that is more commonly used in the USA and is in relation to the way the number 14 looks.

Bingo calls – Number 15

Rugby Team, Young and Keen, Yet to Be Kissed.
The number 15 bingo ball is known mostly as Rugby Team. This is because there are 15 players in a rugby team there is also a slight rhyme there as well. Young and Keen rhymes and refers to a 15-year-old person. Yet to be kissed is also used because of 15 as an age.

Bingo calls – Number 16

Sweet Sixteen, never been kissed, She’s Lovely.
The number 16 bingo ball is most commonly known as sweet sixteen for apparent reasons. She’s lovely and never been kissed are also references to someone who is 16 years old. 16 is an interesting number because it is one of the only ones not to have a rhyming name!

Bingo calls – Number 17

Dancing Queen, Posh and Becks, Often Been Kissed, Over-Ripe, Old Ireland, The Age to Catch ‘Em.
The number 17 bingo ball is usually called Dancing Queen. It got the name Dancing Queen from the Abba song which has the lyrics “dancing queen, young and sweet only 17”. Often been kissed follows up from the call for number 16 never been kissed. Posh and Becks come from the fact the number 1 is so skinny, and number 7 is David Beckhams football shirt number.

Bingo calls – Number 18

Coming of Age, Now You Can Vote, Key of The Door.
The number 18 is now known as key of the door and coming of age. Due to the fact you are now seen as coming into adulthood at 18. You can vote, drink alcohol and best of all, play online bingo! As you can tell all these nicknames are aged based references.

Bingo calls – Number 19

Goodbye Teens, Cuervo Gold.
The number 19 bingo ball is commonly known as goodbye teens because at the age of 19. You only have one more year left as a teen. Cuervo Gold is a term for the number 19 that is used in the USA.

Bingo calls – Number 20

One Score, Getting Plenty, Blind 20.
The number 20 bingo ball is often known as One Score. In the 1900′s One Score meant twenty, derived from the ancient practice of counting sheep in lots of twenty and keeping tally by scoring notches into a stick. Blind 20 just mean 20 on its own. They call it blind twenty, so you know there isn’t another number to come after the 20.

Bingo Call Number 21

Key of The Door, Royal Salute, If Only I Were, Just My Age, at 21 Watch Your Son.
The number 21 is often known as key of the door. This is because as everyone knows when you turn 21, you are given the key to the door. You enter adulthood. Royal salute is a nickname for the number 21 because of the 21-gun salute that is used on royal birthdays. All the other names are a reference to age.

Bingo Call Number 22

Two Little Ducks, Quack-Quack, Ducks on A Pond, All the Twos, Bishop, Dinky Doo.
The 22 is most well known as two little ducks. This is because 22 is looking a bit like 2 little ducks sat next to each other. Ducks on a pond and quack-quack are a result of the two little ducks nickname. Dinky doo rhymes with 22. All the twos are quite obviously because 22 is well … all the twos.

Bingo Call Number 23

A Duck and A Flea, A Duck on A Tree, Thee and Me, The Lord’s My Shepherd.
The number 23 bingo ball is often referred to like a duck and a flea. Well, this is because number 2 is one little duck and number 3 is one little flea. Put them together, and you have a duck and flea. Thee and me and a duck on a tree both rhyme with 23. The Lord’s my Shepard is based on a biblical reference.

Bingo Call Number 24

Two Dozen, Do You Want Some More? Did You Score?
The number 24 bingo ball is usually called as two dozen. This is because there is 12 in a dozen and times that by 2 and you get 24. Did you score? And do you want some more? Both rhyme with 24.

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Bingo Call Number 25

Duck and Dive.
The number 25 bingo ball is called duck and dive. Firstly, the duck comes from the fact that the number 2 ball is called 1 little duck. Dive rhymes with 5 and also completes the well know saying duck and dive. So, they go together really well.

Bingo Call Number 26

Half A Crown, Pick and Mix, Bed and Breakfast.
The number 26 bingo ball is usually known as half a crown. This comes from the fact that half a crown comprised of two shillings and sixpence. Bed and Breakfast are sometimes used as a call for number 26 as well, and this is because the standard price for bed and breakfast was half a crown. Pick and mix are used purely because of its rhyming qualities.

Bingo Call Number 27

Little Duck with A Crutch, Gateway to Heaven.
The number 27 bingo balls most common name is little duck with a crutch. This is because the number 2 ball is called one little duck and the number 7 looks like a crutch. The “7-ball” is sometimes known as stairway to heaven and that coupled with the rhyming nature of gateway to heaven and 27 resulted in its other nickname.

Bingo Call Number 28

Overweight, Duck & Its Mate, The Old Brags, In A-State.
The number 28 bingo ball has lots of different nicknames. One of the main ones is Overweight. This is used because 28 rhymes with overweight and the number 8 ball are called one fat lady. In a state rhyme with 28. Duck and its mate are used because the number 2 ball is called one little duck and mate makes it rhyme with 28.

Bingo Call Number 29

In Your Prime, You’re Doing Fine, Rise and Shine.
The number 29 bingo ball is often referred to as in your prime. This is a reference to age and the fact that next year someone who is 29 will be 30. You’re doing fine is also a nickname based on age. Rise and shine rhymes.

Bingo Call Number 30

Burlington Bertie, Dirty Gertie, Flirty Thirty, Blind 30, Speed Limit, Your Face Is Dirty.
The number 30 bingo ball has many nicknames, one of which is Burlington Bertie. This is used in reference to the horse racing odds of 100-30. The speed limit is used because the speed limit in the United Kingdom is 30 mph. Flirty thirty is an age reference. Your face is dirty rhymes with 30, and blind 30 is used, so people know there isn’t another number to follow.

Bingo Call Number 31

Get Up and Run.
The number 31 bingo ball only really has one nickname that is used regularly, and that is get up and run. There doesn’t seem to be any better explanation for the bingo call apart from the fact that get up and run rhymes with 31.

Bingo Call Number 32

Buckle My Shoe.
The number 32 bingo ball only has one call that gets used regularly, and that is Buckle My Shoe. The only real explanation for this the fact the buckle my shoe rhymes with 32. Buckle My Shoe is also a famous saying so is more likely to be used than something more redundant like bend over you.

Bingo Call Number 33

Two Little Fleas, Gertie Lee, All the Threes, Dirty Knees, All the Feathers, Sherwood Forest.
The number 33 bingo ball has many different bingo calls, but one of the most popular used is two little fleas. This is used because the number 3 is called as one little flea. As you might have guessed all the threes is used because 33 really is all the threes. Sherwood forest is used as a result of all the threes as its meant to represent all the trees.

Bingo Call Number 34

Ask for More.
The number 34 bingo ball only has one nickname that is used when it is drawn from the cage. The call used is Ask for More. There doesn’t seem to be any other reason for this nickname than the fact that it rhymes with 34. Ask for more number 34.

Bingo Call Number 35

Jump and Jive, Flirty Wives.
The number 35 bingo ball is usually referred to as Jump and Jive. We are pretty sure the only reason that this nickname is used is because of its rhyming qualities with the number 35. Flirty Wives is also sometimes used to call the number 35, and this is because it rhymes and traditionally would have been thought to be funny.

Bingo Call Number 36

Three Dozen, Yardstick.
The number 36 bingo ball only really has one well-known call, and that is Three Dozen. This is used because 12 x 3 = 36 making 36 Three Dozen. Apart from that the number 36 bingo ball only has one other nickname which is Yardstick. This is only used in USA bingo halls.

Bingo Call Number 37

A Flea in Heaven, More Than Eleven.
The number 37 bingo ball is often called as a flea in heaven. This nickname is used because the number 3 bingo ball is known as one little flea and the number 7 bingo ball has various nicknames centred around heaven. More than eleven is used because it rhymes with 37 and 11 is as you know more than 37.

Bingo Call Number 38

Christmas Cake.
The number 38 bingo ball only has one nickname that is used regularly, and that is Christmas Cake. The only reason that Christmas cake is used as the nickname for number 38 is because of its rhyming qualities.

Bingo Call Number 39

Those Famous Steps, Jack Benny, All the Steps
The number 39 bingo ball is usually called those famous steps. This is a reference to the classic spy book and film “The 39 Steps”. It is sometimes called all the steps which again is a reference to the spy book and 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film.

Bingo Call Number 40

Two Score, Life Begins At, Blind 40, Naughty 40
The number 40 bingo ball is often called Two Score. This is because 1 score = 20 so 2 scores = 40. It is also sometimes called as life begins at and that’s a reference to the well-known saying life begins at 40. Naughty 40 is used because of naughty rhymes with 40. Blind 40 is used so that players know there is no number to follow the 40.

Bingo Call Number 41

Time for Fun, Life’s Begun.
The number 41 bingo ball has 2 main nicknames when it is called in a bingo hall. The first of the two nicknames are a time for fun this rhymes with 41 and also makes a reference to bingo actually being lots of fun. Life’s begun the other nickname that is used for the bingo ball 41, and this is a reference to the well-known saying life begins at 40.

Bingo Call Number 42

Winnie the Pooh, That Famous Street in Manhattan.
The bingo ball number 42 has two main nicknames, the first of which is Whinny the Poo. This name is used for its rhyming qualities with the actual number 42. The other nickname that is used is that famous street in Manhattan. This gets used because 42nd Street is a Famous Street in Manhattan known especially for its theatres.

Bingo Call Number 43

Down on Your Knees.
The number 43 bingo ball is pretty much always referred to like down on your knees. The only reason that can explain this nickname is the fact the down on your knees rhymes with the number 43. Number 43 …. down on your knees.

Bingo Call Number 44

Droopy Draws, Magnum, Open Two Doors, All the Fours.
The number 44 bingo ball has quite a few nicknames. The name Droopy Draws is used along with open two doors because both of the phrases rhyme with the number 44. All the fours are used simply because 44 really is all the 4′s. Magnum is a name used only in American bingo halls and is referring to the magnum handgun. Visit a fun Polish Casino page with great Jackpots

Bingo Call Number 45

Halfway House, Halfway There, Cowboy’s Friend.
The number 45 bingo ball is known as Halfway House. This nickname is used simply because 45 is the middle ball in a 90-ball bingo game. The 45 shots are also called halfway there for precisely the same reason. Cowboy’s Friend is another name that is used, and this is because cowboys commonly used the colt 45 handgun.

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